A plotting function for visualizing the model space explored in MiSSEGreedy. Arguments in ... are passed to plot.igraph.

PlotMisseSpace(x, possible.combos=NULL, arrows.by.weight=FALSE, ...)



a misse list of model fits obtain from MiSSEGreedy.


data.frame of parameter combinations to try. See 'Details'.


a logical indicating whether arrow direction between adjacent model reflects which model has higher support. The default is FALSE which means arrows show direction of model complexity.


Additional parameters to control the igraph plot. See plot.igraph.


If the input x is a list of misse fits from MiSSEGreedy then size of the vertices are in proportion of their AIC weights. If only the “possible.combos” is input, and x=NULL, then the model space will be plotted but with each vertex having the same size.


Vasconcelos, T., B.C. O'Meara, and J.M. Beaulieu. 2022. A flexible method for estimating tip diversification rates across a range of speciation and extinction scenarios. Evolution, 76:1420-1433.


Jeremy M. Beaulieu